Sports Name List International Sports started from which country

Sports Name List | International | Sports started from which country

Sports Name :- Sports have a very important role in our life. Sports make us healthy, so we should definitely play sports and before that we should also know about all the sports, so today we will tell you the names of all the international sports and also Along with this, we will also tell you about when these Sports started and from which country, which is very important for all the students, you all should definitely know about it.

Sports Name List | International | Sports Started and from which Country


Sport Country of Origin Approximate Start Date
Soccer (Football) England Ancient origins, formalized rules in mid-19th century
Basketball United States 1891
Cricket England 16th century
Tennis England 19th century
Golf Scotland 15th century
Baseball United States 18th century
Rugby England Early 19th century
Hockey (Field Hockey) Ancient civilizations, modern form in England Ancient origins, modern rules in 19th century
Volleyball United States 1895
Athletics (Track and Field) Ancient Greece Ancient origins, revived in 19th century
Boxing Ancient civilizations, modern rules in England Ancient origins, codified rules in 18th century
Wrestling Ancient civilizations Ancient origins
Cycling Europe (France and UK) 19th century
Swimming Ancient civilizations Ancient origins
Martial Arts Various Asian countries (e.g., Japan, China, Korea) Ancient origins
Formula 1 Racing France Early 20th century
Ice Hockey Canada 19th century
Skiing Scandinavia Ancient origins, modern skiing in 19th century
Surfing Polynesia Ancient origins
Diving Ancient civilizations Ancient origins
Table Tennis England Late 19th century
Badminton England Mid-18th century
Judo Japan Late 19th century
Taekwondo Korea 1950s (developed further in the mid-20th century)
Karate Okinawa, Japan 1920s (modernized in the mid-20th century)
Synchronized Swimming United States Early 20th century
Archery Various ancient civilizations Ancient origins
Equestrian Sports Various ancient civilizations Ancient origins, modernized over centuries
Snowboarding United States 1960s/1970s
Gymnastics Ancient Greece Ancient origins
Fencing Europe Ancient origins
Canoeing/Kayaking Ancient civilizations Ancient origins
Sailing Ancient civilizations Ancient origins
Triathlon United States 1970s
Handball Northern Europe Late 19th century
Rugby Sevens Scotland Late 19th century
Bobsleigh Switzerland Late 19th century
Rowing Ancient Egypt Ancient origins


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